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Joshua Berrett

Joshua Berrett is co-founder of the Ageless Mind Project, a nonprofit 501c3 organization established in 2015,

Music Is Brain Food

Music Is Brain Food began in 2007 as MusicandHappiness.com.

What is it about music…

What is it about music that has such power to heal, to inspire, to connect us with the beyond?

Musical Moments

How is it that musical moments can move us to tears, calm our spirit, or spur us to action?

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To begin at the beginning

To begin at the beginning—the sense of hearing is the first of our five senses to develop. Within the second trimester of pregnancy, the human fetus begins to develop a rudimentary ear.


This imprinting that starts in utero provides a vitally important basis not only for receptivity to music but also for language acquisition, spatial recognition, and physical balance itself.

Music is a profoundly personal art

We speak of “my music” and we use such phrases as “they’re singing my song.”

Musical memories define so much of who we are and the many stations we pass through on life’s journey.

Evidence from neuroscience

There is also now a huge body of evidence from neuroscience that helps us understand the power of music: brain scans show how multiple areas of the brain light up as we process any musical experience, whether we dance, sing, play an instrument, or engage as listeners.


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